Training Calendar


 We would like to communicate that the training calendar is merely predictable, so all the training races can be changed when there are clear reasons for doing that. .


Date Distance
from 11th to the 15th of June* +/- 8 Km*
18th of June +/- 15 Km
21th of June +/- 30 Km
25th of June +/- 50 Km

3th of July

+/- 80 Km
7th of July (Ace Pigeon) +/- 120 Km
13th of July (Ace Pigeon) +/- 160 Km
20th of July (Ace Pigeon) +/- 180 Km
28th of July (Final Race) +/- 350 Km


* During this days  we will perform three trainings. This trainings will be very shoort (the maximum distance is 8Km). The classification of this trainings won't be published in our site.