Participant Pigeons

 There is already available the list of participant pigeons in Derby Internacional de Gondomar 2012. 

You can now send your picture ( for it to be associated with each pigeon that you sent.

All pigeons that are in the list of participants have a photo. To view it just click on the information of the pigeon.

All fanciers who have sent photo, next to its name, the following image: 

Last updated: 29-04-2012 - Final list

Country Competition
Name of OwnerPhotoRingCountryCompetition
360 Graus2213142
A. Gil Correia2054504
A. Gil Correia2054506
Abel Rodrigues2169013
Abel Rodrigues2169014
Abel Rodrigues2169020
Abel Rodrigues2169021
Abel Rodrigues2169022
Abel Rodrigues2169023
Abel Rodrigues2169026
Abílio Gonçalves035945
Abílio Gonçalves035947
Adriano Baptista374605
Adriano Baptista374606
Albert Hendrix5087481
Albert Hendrix5087483
Albert Hendrix5087485
Alípio Lopes Amorim2422044
Alípio Lopes Amorim2422047
Alípio Lopes Amorim2422048
Alípio Lopes Amorim2422062
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215901
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215902
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215903
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215906
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215907
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215908
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215909
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215910
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215911
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues A2215916
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues B2215912
Almôr Nobrega Rodrigues B2215913
Altos Voos Team2160707
Altos Voos Team2161182
Altos Voos Team2161183
Altos Voos Team2161184
Altos Voos Team2161185
Altos Voos Team2161190
Animal Passion361642
Animal Passion362634
Animal Passion362635
Animal Passion362637
Animal Passion362638
Animal Passion362640
António Jorge Barbosa Cruz2185241
António Jorge Barbosa Cruz2185243
António Jorge Barbosa Cruz2185245
António Jorge Barbosa Cruz2185246
António Jorge Barbosa Cruz2185247
António Jorge Barbosa Cruz2185250
António Soares & José Augusto A2090401
António Soares & José Augusto A2090403
António Soares & José Augusto A2090404
António Soares & José Augusto A2090405
António Soares & José Augusto A2090406
António Soares & José Augusto A2090407
António Soares & José Augusto A2090408
António Soares & José Augusto A2090409
António Soares & José Augusto A2090411
António Soares & José Augusto A2090412
António Soares & José Augusto B2090416
António Soares & José Augusto B2090417
António Soares & José Augusto B2090418
Arada & Bastos2158001
Arada & Bastos2158002
Arada & Bastos2158003
Arada & Bastos2158007
Arada & Bastos2158009
Bakker & Wingerden1621589
Bakker & Wingerden1621613
Bakker & Wingerden1621616
Bakker & Wingerden1621618
Bakker & Wingerden1621623
Bakker & Wingerden1621624
Barbosa & Darlindo2213143
Barbosa & Darlindo2213144
Barbosa & Darlindo2213146
Barbosa & Darlindo2213148
Barbosa & Darlindo2213149
Barbosa & Darlindo2213302
Barbosa & Darlindo2213312
Barbosa & Darlindo2213313
Barbosa & Filhos2330048
Barbosa & Filhos2330049
Barbosa & Filhos2330051
Barbosa & Filhos2330052
Barbosa & Filhos2330053
Bastos & Júlio7204
Bastos & Júlio7205
Bastos & Júlio7207
Bastos & Júlio7208
Bastos & Júlio7211
Bastos & Júlio7212
Bodo Schoenrade01395-12-321
Bodo Schoenrade01395-12-322
Bodo Schoenrade01395-12-325
Bodo Schoenrade01395-12-326
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"02585-12-1246
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"02585-12-1259
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"02585-12-1261
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"02585-12-1316
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"02585-12-1323
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"04858-12-11
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"04858-12-12
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"04858-12-59
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"04858-12-61
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "A"04858-12-75
Bremen & Joksch & Waldow "B"02585-12-1328
Bruno Hanat378446
Cabrita & Brás2406600
Café Barbosa2052082
Café Barbosa2213306
Café Barbosa2213308
Café Barbosa2213314
Café Barbosa2213315
Café Barbosa2213316
Camilo & Carlos2188805
Camilo & Carlos2188810
Carlos & Nuno2398502
Carlos Teixeira A2232031
Carlos Teixeira A2232062
Carlos Teixeira A2232068
Carlos Teixeira A2232072
Carlos Teixeira A2232075
Carlos Teixeira A2232076
Carlos Teixeira A2232088
Carlos Teixeira A2232090
Carlos Teixeira A2232092
Carlos Teixeira A2232097
Carlos Teixeira B2232101
Carlos Teixeira B2232102
Castelo de Lanhoso Team2350401
Castelo de Lanhoso Team2352745
CEL Columbófilos2422051
CEL Columbófilos2422070
CEL Columbófilos2425701
CEL Columbófilos2425702
CEL Columbófilos2426088
CEL Columbófilos2426099
Clube Columbófilo de Oldrões2185201
Clube Columbófilo de Oldrões2185202
Clube Columbófilo de Oldrões2185203
Clube Columbófilo de Oldrões2185207
Clube Columbófilo de Oldrões2185221
Comb. Koevoets Konings1740167
Comb. Koevoets Konings1740176
Comb. Koevoets Konings1740189
Comb. Koevoets Konings1740606
Comb. Koevoets Konings1740607
Comb. Koevoets Konings1740631
Comb. Ooyen & Groenewegen1619471
Comb. Ooyen & Groenewegen1619475
Comb. Ooyen & Groenewegen1619484
Comb. Ooyen & Groenewegen1621801
Comb. Ooyen & Groenewegen1621804
Comb. Ooyen & Groenewegen1621808
Combinatie van de Vooren1400531
Combinatie van de Vooren1400532
Combinatie van de Vooren1400537
Combinatie van de Vooren1400540
Combinatie van de Vooren1400548
Combinatie Verbree1283741
Combinatie Verbree1283788
Combinatie Verbree1283811
Dirk Verstichelen4137901
Dirk Verstichelen4137905
Dirk Verstichelen4137907
Dirk Verstichelen4137910
Dirk Verstichelen4137914
Dirk Verstichelen4137928
Diruit Zephir036255
Duarte Silvino363387
Ed Mol1707528
Ed Mol1707530
Ed Mol1707531
Ed Mol1707532
Ed Mol1707537
Ed Mol1707543
FCI Cartaxo2010748
FCI Cartaxo2012287
FCI Cartaxo2012304
FCI Cartaxo2012434
FCI Cartaxo2012521
FCI Cartaxo2012577
FCI Luzense2392134
FCI Luzense2392427
FCI Luzense2392436
FCI Luzense2392702
FCI Luzense2392704
FCI Luzense2392774
FCI Mira2320239
FCI Mira2320245
FCI Mira2320357
FCI Mira2320358
Fernando Nascimento357576
Francisco de Pinho2164857
Francisco de Pinho2164860
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215173
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215174
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215175
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215176
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215177
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215178
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215179
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215184
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215914
Frederico M. Amaral Neves A2215915
Frederico M. Amaral Neves B2215183
Frederico M. Amaral Neves B2215917
Gil Novo375481
Gil Novo375483
Gil Novo375486
Gil Novo375489
Gil Novo375498
Gil Novo375499
Gilbert Potier036622
Goris - Vrins6260773
Goris - Vrins6306649
Goris - Vrins6306669
Goris - Vrins6306683
Goris - Vrins6306696
Goris - Vrins6306700
H. Van Boxmeer A1824402
H. Van Boxmeer A1824405
H. Van Boxmeer A1824406
H. Van Boxmeer A1825202
H. Van Boxmeer A1825205
H. Van Boxmeer A1825206
H. Van Boxmeer A1825210
H. Van Boxmeer A1825213
H. Van Boxmeer A1825214
H. Van Boxmeer A1825217
H. Van Boxmeer B1825277
H. Van Boxmeer B4144470
Hans Haver A1474245
Hans Haver A1474246
Hans Haver A1474249
Hans Haver A1474251
Hans Haver A1474252
Hans Haver A1474253
Hans Haver A1474254
Hans Haver A1474257
Hans Haver A1474258
Hans Haver A1474259
Hans Haver B1474260
Heinz Missy + Annette Gessner04812-12-1003
Heinz Missy + Annette Gessner04812-12-1012
Heinz Missy + Annette Gessner04812-12-1022
Heinz Missy + Annette Gessner04812-12-1025
Hernâni & Moisés2214771
Hernâni & Moisés2214773
Hernâni & Moisés2214778
Hernâni & Moisés2214779
Hok M. Reijnen3217463
Hok M. Reijnen3217469
Hok M. Reijnen3217470
Hok M. Reijnen3217628
Hok M. Reijnen3217630
Hok M. Reijnen3217631
Hok M. Reijnen3217633
Hok M. Reijnen3217643
Hok M. Reijnen3217645
Hok M. Reijnen3217646
Hugo Docx6287172
Hugo Docx6287174
Hugo Docx6287177
Hugo Docx6287178
Hugo Docx6287192
Hugo Docx6287193
Jaap Koehoorn1409614
Jaap Koehoorn1409865
Jaap Koehoorn1409866
Jaap Koehoorn1409869
Jaap Koehoorn1409889
Jaap Koehoorn1409917
Jan Verbergt6177602
Jan Verbergt6177603
Jan Verbergt6177604
Jan Verbergt6177605
Jan Verbergt6177606
Jan Verbergt6177607
Jean-Luc Gillard373100
João Tomás Araújo2211341
João Tomás Araújo2211343
João Tomás Araújo2211344
João Tomás Araújo2211347
João Tomás Araújo2211348
João Tomás Araújo2211350
Joaquim Carvalhais355544
Joaquim Dias de Oliveira1824403
Joaquim Dias de Oliveira1824417
Joaquim Dias de Oliveira1825209
Joaquim Dias de Oliveira1825278
Joaquim Dias de Oliveira4144453
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461201
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461202
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461205
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461209
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461211
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461212
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461221
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461224
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461233
Jorge Almeida Santos A2461234
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461235
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461236
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461238
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461240
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461246
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461247
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461248
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461250
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461251
Jorge Almeida Santos B2461258
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461261
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461267
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461268
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461271
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461272
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461273
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461275
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461276
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461277
Jorge Almeida Santos C2461278
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461280
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461285
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461286
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461291
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461294
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461296
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461302
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461307
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461309
Jorge Almeida Santos D2461314
Jorge Almeida Santos E2461331
Jorge Almeida Santos E2461364
Jorge Almeida Santos E2461373
Jorge Almeida Santos E2461380
Jorge Machado2178021
Jorge Machado2178022
Jose Andres Fernandez Olveira169803
Jose Andres Fernandez Olveira169804
José Carlos Florindo A2153001
José Carlos Florindo A2153002
José Carlos Florindo A2153004
José Carlos Florindo A2153005
José Carlos Florindo A2153006
José Carlos Florindo A2153008
José Carlos Florindo A2153009
José Carlos Florindo A2153014
José Carlos Florindo A2153015
José Carlos Florindo A2153017
José Carlos Florindo B2153018
José Carlos Florindo B2153020
José Clemente357602
José Clemente357603
José Clemente357605
José Clemente357608
José Clemente357610
José Clemente357612
José Teixeira & Filho2178002
José Teixeira & Filho2178018
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-905
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-910
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-916
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-918
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-919
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-927
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-937
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-940
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-946
Karl Heinz Lang08596-12-965
Koen Meerschaert3005118
Koen Meerschaert3005119
Koen Meerschaert3005121
Koen Meerschaert3005122
Koen Meerschaert3005125
Koen Meerschaert3005158
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw3112215
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw3112216
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw3112227
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw3112228
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw3112229
Kurt & Raf Platteeuw3112252
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621465
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621466
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621469
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621470
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621471
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621472
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621473
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621474
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621476
Lorenzo Van Russel A1621478
Lorenzo Van Russel B1621483
Lorenzo Van Russel B1621484
Louis Gergis357305
Luck Wyckmans6286741
Ludo Verstraeten1840845
Ludo Verstraeten1840848
Ludwig & Rene Artz01001-12-108
Ludwig & Rene Artz01001-12-110
Ludwig & Rene Artz01001-12-116
Ludwig & Rene Artz2042105
Ludwig & Rene Artz2042106
Ludwig & Rene Artz2042109
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2047841
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2048401
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2048481
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2325208
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2325209
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2325213
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2325224
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2325226
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2493052
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques A2493053
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325230
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325231
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325234
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325235
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325236
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325239
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325285
Luís Miguel Fonseca Marques B2325290
M & C Hansen023-12-0551
M & C Hansen023-12-1222
M & C Hansen023-12-1223
M & C Hansen023-12-1228
M & C Hansen023-12-1229
M & C Hansen023-12-1230
M. Bejinha & Helder Guerreiro2408659
M. Bejinha & Helder Guerreiro2410150
Manuel Aranha2090413
Manuel Aranha2090414
Manuel Laurentino Toneiro2190264
Manuel Laurentino Toneiro2190303
Manuel Martins & Artur Costa2238007
Manuel Martins & Artur Costa2238016
Manuel Martins & Artur Costa2238018
Manuel Martins & Artur Costa2238034
Manuel Martins & Artur Costa2238038
Manuel Martins & Artur Costa2238054
Manuel Martins Cabral2182705
Manuel Martins Cabral2182709
Marc Geleijns1735332
Marc Geleijns1735333
Marco Paulo Sousa Pinto2162409
Marques & Orlando2404061
Móveis "Os Terríveis"2213403
Nelo & Dinis - Carnes Silva2216107
Nelo & Dinis - Carnes Silva2216108
Nelo & Dinis - Carnes Silva2216601
Nelo & Dinis - Carnes Silva2216607
Nelo & Dinis - Carnes Silva2216608
Nico & Carla van der Ham1454040
Nico & Carla van der Ham1454042
Nico & Carla van der Ham1454043
Nico & Carla van der Ham1454044
Nico & Carla van der Ham1454045
Novo, Garcia & Monte375459
Novo, Garcia & Monte375472
Novo, Garcia & Monte375473
Novo, Garcia & Monte375482
Novo, Garcia & Monte375488
Novo, Garcia & Monte375493
Orlando & Cabrita2404024
Os 4 Amigos2185251
Os 4 Amigos2185252
Os 4 Amigos2185253
Os 4 Amigos2185254
Os 4 Amigos2185255
Os 4 Amigos2185256
Os Barros2207161
Os Barros2207162
Os Barros2207163
Os Barros2207165
Os Barros2207166
Os Barros2207167
Os Bravos do Pombal2320201
Os Bravos do Pombal2320202
Os Lagartos2314943
Os Lagartos2314944
Os Lagartos2314945
Os Lagartos2314946
Os Lagartos2314948
Os Lagartos2314950
Os Primos2314941
Os Primos2314942
Os Primos2314959
Os Três Varistos2185204
Os Três Varistos2185205
Os Três Varistos2185206
Os Três Varistos2185210
Os Três Varistos2185212
Os Três Varistos2185261
Os Três Varistos2185263
Pereira & Carlos2338188
Pereira & Carlos2338189
Pereira & Carlos2338196
Pereira & Carlos2338197
Pereira & Carlos2338202
Peter & Sabastiaan Verbeek1542024
Peter & Sabastiaan Verbeek1542025
Peter & Sabastiaan Verbeek1542033
Peter & Sabastiaan Verbeek1542036
Peter & Sabastiaan Verbeek1542043
Peter & Sabastiaan Verbeek1542048
Peter Fuschera08345-12-301
Peter Fuschera08345-12-305
Pierre Bergmans1808104
Pierre Bergmans1808117
Pierre Bergmans1808118
Pierre Bergmans1808121
Pierre Bergmans1808122
Pierre Bergmans1808125
Piet Van Bremen1667190
Piet Van Bremen1667191
Piet Van Bremen1667192
Piet Van Bremen1667193
Piet Van De Merwe1623379
Piet Van De Merwe1623380
Piet Van De Merwe1623381
Pinheiro & Mourinho A2102010
Pinheiro & Mourinho A2102012
Pinheiro & Mourinho A2102016
Pinheiro & Mourinho A2102017
Pinheiro & Mourinho A2102018
Pinheiro & Mourinho A2102022
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102003
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102023
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102025
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102028
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102031
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102033
Pinheiro & Mourinho B2102037
Pombal Bernardes2262981
Pombal Bernardes2262990
Pombal João Xavier A2273405
Pombal João Xavier A2273406
Pombal João Xavier A2273410
Pombal João Xavier A2273418
Pombal João Xavier A2273420
Pombal João Xavier A2273424
Pombal João Xavier A2273425
Pombal João Xavier A2273428
Pombal João Xavier A2273429
Pombal João Xavier A2274724
Pombal João Xavier B2273430
Pombal João Xavier B2273435
Pombal João Xavier B2273472
Portugal Super Flying Team A2169007
Portugal Super Flying Team A2169008
Portugal Super Flying Team A2215171
Portugal Super Flying Team A2215172
Portugal Super Flying Team A2216101
Portugal Super Flying Team A2216104
Portugal Super Flying Team B2313481
Portugal Super Flying Team B2313482
Portugal Super Flying Team B2320200
Portugal Super Flying Team B2320203
Portugal Super Flying Team B2325402
Portugal Super Flying Team B2330028
Portuguese Champions Team2054507
Portuguese Champions Team2054518
Portuguese Champions Team2204502
Portuguese Champions Team2359012
Portuguese Champions Team2359013
Portuguese Champions Team2359014
Regal Lofts2204504
Regal Lofts2204507
Regal Lofts2204581
Ricardo Pinheiro372802
Ricardo Pinheiro372803
Rodrigo Almeida Coimbra2190301
Rodrigo Almeida Coimbra2190302
Roger & Eddy Grootjans6078500
Roger & Eddy Grootjans6078512
Roger & Eddy Grootjans6078514
Roger & Eddy Grootjans6078527
Roger & Eddy Grootjans6078528
Rúben Luís Sousa F. Lopes2164806
Rufino Gomes de Oliveira2090601
Rufino Gomes de Oliveira2090608
Rui Manuel Simões Rodrigues2467104
Rui Manuel Simões Rodrigues2467105
Rui Manuel Simões Rodrigues2467107
Rui Manuel Simões Rodrigues2467112
Rui Manuel Simões Rodrigues2467116
Rui Manuel Simões Rodrigues2467120
Rui Marreiros2398801
Rui Marreiros2398802
Rui Marreiros2398806
Rui Marreiros2398817
Rui Miguel Santos Ribeiro2193149
Rui Miguel Santos Ribeiro2193153
S. Gama & Jeffersom Willian2182501
S. Gama & Jeffersom Willian2182502
S. Gama & Jeffersom Willian2182506
S. Gama & Jeffersom Willian2182507
S. Gama & Jeffersom Willian2182511
S. Gama & Jeffersom Willian2182512
Sérgio Ferreira1493404
Sérgio Ferreira1493408
Sérgio Ferreira1493412
Sérgio Ferreira1493418
Sérgio Ferreira1493424
Sérgio Ferreira1493432
Sérgio Ferreira1493433
Sérgio Ferreira1493439
Sérgio Ferreira1493440
Sisínio Silva Sousa2193006
Sisínio Silva Sousa2193088
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2332401
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2333005
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2333008
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2333081
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2333082
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2333099
Sociedade Columbófila de Joane2333100
Sonia VD Maelen & Bert Penne4300415
Sonia VD Maelen & Bert Penne4300430
Team Alblasserdam1608131
Team Alblasserdam1608156
Team Alblasserdam1988522
Team Alblasserdam1988541
Team Belgica A3021340
Team Belgica A3113207
Team Belgica A3113213
Team Belgica A3113225
Team Belgica A3113238
Team Belgica A3113240
Team Belgica A3113260
Team Belgica A3113261
Team Belgica A3113262
Team Belgica A3113267
Team Belgica B3021341
Team Belgica B3021348
Team Belgica B3021353
Team Belgica B3021354
Team Belgica B3032150
Team Belgica B3032154
Team Belgica B3032156
Team Belgica B3032157
Team Belgica B3032158
Team Bijl1581767
Team Bijl1581780
Team Bijl1581784
Team Bijl1673166
Team Bijl1673167
Team Germany - Christoph Groene08510-12-664
Team Germany - Hermann Meyer04480-12-1
Team Germany - Hermann Meyer04480-12-38
Team Germany - Hermann v Salzen04480-12-16
Team Germany - Hermann v Salzen04480-12-32
Team Germany - Hermann v Salzen04480-12-33
Team Germany - Mathias Irlacher01759-12-3026
Team Germany - Mathias Irlacher01759-12-3116
Team Germany - Missy/Gessner04812-12-1004
Team Germany - Missy/Gessner04812-12-1008
Team Germany - Missy/Gessner04812-12-1021
Team Germany - Missy/Gessner04812-12-1111
Team Germany - R + R Marien09683-12-618
Team Germany - R + R Marien09683-12-630
Team Germany - R + R Marien09683-12-638
Team Germany - R + R Marien09683-12-640
Team Germany - R + R Marien09683-12-656
Team Germany - R + S Rolff06599-12-664
Team Germany - R + S Rolff06599-12-673
Team Germany - R + S Rolff06599-12-683
Team Germany - R + S Rolff06599-12-700
Team Germany - R + S Rolff06599-12-727
Team Germany - W + I Zager06599-12-674
Team Germany - W + I Zager06599-12-723
Team Germany - W A Waldow + S Thiel04858-12-10
Team Germany - W A Waldow + S Thiel04858-12-101
Team Germany - W A Waldow + S Thiel04858-12-35
Team Germany - W A Waldow + S Thiel04858-12-39
Team Germany - W A Waldow + S Thiel04858-12-97
Team Lyngalandloft01001-12-117
Team Lyngalandloft01001-12-118
Team Lyngalandloft2042103
Team Lyngalandloft2042107
Team Sylt 2000 - Fles./Wolter03801-12-72
Team Sylt 2000 - Fles./Wolter03801-12-73
Team Sylt 2000 - Fuschera08345-12-302
Team Sylt 2000 - Gebhardt08456-12-204
Team Sylt 2000 - Gebhardt08456-12-206
Team Sylt 2000 - Gebhardt08456-12-207
Team Sylt 2000 - Gebhardt08456-12-216
Team Sylt 2000 - Gebhardt08456-12-466
Team Sylt 2000 - Gebhardt08456-12-473
Team Sylt 2000 - Goebel-Varney04939-12-2509
Team Sylt 2000 - Goebel-Varney04939-12-2517
Team Sylt 2000 - Goebel-Varney04939-12-2535
Team Sylt 2000 - Groene08510-12-662
Team Sylt 2000 - Groene08510-12-671
Team Sylt 2000 - Hansel02267-12-544
Team Sylt 2000 - Heun/Makowski03585-12-225
Team Sylt 2000 - Heun/Makowski03585-12-226
Team Sylt 2000 - Heun/Makowski03585-12-229
Team Sylt 2000 - Heun/Makowski03585-12-247
Team Sylt 2000 - Kles./Hallm.03801-12-61
Team Sylt 2000 - Kles./Hallm.03801-12-67
Team Sylt 2000 - Kles./Hallm.03801-12-68
Team Sylt 2000 - Kles./Hallm.03801-12-76
Team Sylt 2000 - Schubring0441-12-345
Team Sylt 2000 - Schubring0441-12-352
Team Sylt 2000 - Schubring0441-12-359
Team Sylt 2000 - Weller05297-12-1
Team Sylt 2000 - Weller05297-12-3
Team Sylt 2000 - Weller05297-12-8
Team tauben-versteigerung.de01001-12-109
Team tauben-versteigerung.de01001-12-111
Team tauben-versteigerung.de2042108
Team tauben-versteigerung.de2042110
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2510
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2524
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2571
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2573
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2576
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2578
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2580
Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum04939-12-2594
Tim Roels3045734
Tim Roels3045735
Tim Roels3045738
Tim Roels3045744
Tim Roels3045749
Tim Roels3045750
Toni Deigner05950-12-40
Toni Deigner05950-12-45
Toni Deigner05950-12-71
Toni Deigner05950-12-72
Toni Deigner05950-12-84
Toni Deigner05950-12-85
Ulrik Lejre Larsen033-12-0762
Ulrik Lejre Larsen033-12-0766
Ulrik Lejre Larsen033-12-0772
Ulrik Lejre Larsen033-12-0777
Ulrik Lejre Larsen033-12-0782
Ulrik Lejre Larsen033-12-0806
União Largatense Pigeons Team2012311
Van Damme - Weyns6112520
Van Damme - Weyns6112536
Van Damme - Weyns6112540
Van Damme - Weyns6286605
Van Damme - Weyns6286620
Van Damme - Weyns6286624
Verstricht Goossens6262248
Verstricht Goossens6262249
Verstricht Goossens6262359
Verstricht Goossens6262368
Vincent Béguier429764
Vincent Béguier429765
Vincent Béguier429766
Vincent Béguier429771
Voadores da Gandara2310145
Voadores da Gandara2310197
Voadores da Gandara2310202
Voadores da Gandara2310203
Voadores da Gandara2310204
Voadores da Gandara2310205
Weduwe Vissers - Van Rooy6260584
Weduwe Vissers - Van Rooy6260586
Weduwe Vissers - Van Rooy6260593
Weduwe Vissers - Van Rooy6260595
Weduwe Vissers - Van Rooy6260598
Weduwe Vissers - Van Rooy6260599
Wilfried zur Löwen01217-12-256
Wilfried zur Löwen01217-12-257
Wim & Maurice van der Kruk1395211
Wim & Maurice van der Kruk1395212
Wim & Maurice van der Kruk1395214
Wim & Maurice van der Kruk1395216
Wim & Maurice van der Kruk1395221
Wim & Maurice van der Kruk1395228
Yann Morel036376