Derby Logo - Signification

The creation of our logo was intended to be a mix of pigeons, the colors of the city of Gondomar and the Jewellery (the most important industrial activity of Gondomar) .

As you can see in the image  of the flag of the City the dominant colors are blue and yellow. So something that was immediately established was that these two colors had to be present in our logo.

Beyond that, Gondomar is the designated “Capital of Jewellery”. This activity is essential in the City. So, this activity  characterizes Gondomar, and as such, have to be present in our logo. Thus, we intend to take the form of "heart" to our logo to refer to one of the slogans of our city, "Gondomar Heart of Gold", this “heart” which is also present on the crest of our city.

Finally, we incorporate an essential element in our logo: the pigeon.

Thus, We have created a perfect fusion between the city colors (blue and yellow), the pigeons and the “heart of gold” that represents our city. As can be seen in the image below the result is a good and nice logo that represents our City and our region.