VIII Derby Internacional  |  IX Derby Concelhio |  VII Derby Emigrante - Derby 2012

1.The competition is open to the participation of Portuguese and foreign fanciers

2.The maximum number of participant pigeons is 850.

3. Registration:

  • Derby international - The registration fee is 50 Eur, per young pigeon. For each team with 5 pigeons there may be sent 1 extra pigeon.
  • Derby Concelhio – The participation in this Derby is free and open to fanciers of County of Gondomar, however, is mandatory the participation in the International Derby.
  • Derby Emigrante – The participation in this Derby is free and open to fancier’s Portuguese living abroad, however, is mandatory the participation in the International Derby.

4. Registrations will only be valid when accompanied by the value corresponding to the registration and the ownership documents.

5. The registration may be paid in cash, check or by bank transfer, in this case with expenses paid by the sender.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos
NIB: 003503510002081533090
IBAN: PT50 003503510002081533090

6. The young pigeons should be sent between 15th February until 15th March 2012.

7. If you intend to send the pigeons by plane, please follow these steps:

  • Send, by fax or e-mail, the carrier letter number, a list with identification of all the pigeons, a copy of the health certificates and an invoice/a declaration of donation to the Grupo Columbófilo de Gondomar with the notation "No commercial value ".

NOTE: Send the original documents with the cargo (pigeons)
Send the pigeons to the following destination:
Grupo Columbófilo de Gondomar
Aeroporto Sá Carneiro

8. As an alternative, the pigeons may be delivered to the company "Natural": For the attention of Sr J. De Scheemaecker; Metropoolstraat, 28, B2900 Schoten – Belgium. Tel. 32.3.6451948, Fax. 32.3.6452016.

9. The following documents should be sent with the pigeons: - Health Certificate; Pedigrees + Ownership Documents; Declaration of vaccination against Newcastle's Disease (In that case indicate the vaccine used); Invoice/Declaration of donation to the Portuguese Pigeon Fanciers Federation with the notation "No commercial value ".

10. The training calendar will be divulged on our official site at the appropriate time.

11. Final Race - Date: Saturday, 28th July 2012; Release area: Grândola, +/- 350Kms.

12. The owners of the 50 first classified pigeons in the final race of the Derby Internacional will receive a participation prize. Besides this award, will be receive too a value of 50% of the selling price of their pigeon in the auction.

13. The killed or lost pigeons could be replaced until 31st March 2012 for free. The participants will be individually contacted to proceed to the pigeon’s replacement:

14. Prize table for the Derby Internacional:

1 º Class.: 7500 Eur + trophy

2 º Class.: 3000  Eur  + trophy

3 º Class.: 2000  Eur  + trophy

4 º Class.: 1500  Eur

5º Class.: 1000  Eur

6 º Class.: 600 Eur

7 º a 10 º Class.: 400 Eur

11 º a 15 º Class.: 300 Eur

16 º a 20º º Class.: 200 Eur

21 º a 49º Class.: 100 Eur

50 º Class.: 250 Eur

100 º Class.: 250 Eur

15. The top three winners of the Derby Concelhio and the Derby Emigrante will receive a trophy:

16.1 In the last three training of the Ace Pigeon, will be awarded the following prizes:

1 º Class.: 150 Eur

2 º Class.: 75 Eur

3 º Class.: 50 Eur

16.2 The top three winners of the Ace Pigeon will receive a trophy.

16.3 The calculation of the ace pigeon will be effected as follows: sums of the averages obtained in training of the ace pigeon and in the final race. The pigeons that gets the higest more score  will be the winner.