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Report about the final race of Derby Internacional de Gondomar 2012

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On 28th of July occurred the final race of the Derby Internacional de Gondomar 2012. 447 pigeons were basket to the final race (Grândola +/- 350km). This race was very hard and only some pigeons return to the loft.

The big winner of our race was the pigeon 6112520 – Van Damme Weyns, from Belgium. Congratulations to the winner and to all participants.


 The second place in the Derby International de Gondomar was to Piet Van Bremen with the pigeon number 1667190, and Lorenzo Van Russel with the pigeon number 1621472 won the third place of Derby internacional de Gondomar 2012.



The “Derby Concelhio” was won by Sisínio Silva Sousa (pigeon number 2193006) and the Novo, Garcia e Monte (pigeon number 375459) won the “Derby do Emigrante”.




The pigeon that won the Derby Internacional de Gondomar (6112520 – Van Damme Weyns) also won the “Ace pigeon”, what shows the big quality of this pigeon.


We have to admit that the final did not go as we wanted. Like we already said in our communication of the final race, the pigeons were healthy and the weather, in the moment of the liberation, was good. Once again, we assume the guilty for the bad result of the final race and we want tell sorry to all fanciers.

However, we are happy with the number of people that visited Gondomar to see our final race. We can say that Gondomar had a good environment during the day 28th July 2012. Beside this, we want to say thanks to the representative of F.C.I. and to the representative of F.P.C. (Portuguese pigeon’s federation) for their presence in the final race.





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Derby Internacional de Gondomar

Derby Internacional de Gondomar

18 August 2012